Tim Marks

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"One of the most pleasant surprises of the theatrical year."

"Do you know what it's like being a prisoner to something? How could you? You just sit home all day watching soaps and planning meals in your brand new kitchen... by the way, it don't look good for that getting finished any time soon."


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a teleplay


Trogs is an hour-long character-based drama series written by Tim Marks in collaboration with Martin Marks. For more information, including up to date news and updates, see thetrogs.com.

Plot Summary:

David Kenyon is a CIA agent with a long and successful history - but none of that means anything after he accidentally kills an American citizen in front of dozens of witnesses while working an illegal case. His only way out is to join up with a group of five other disgraced former intelligence agents known only as "the Trogs". Their mission: to protect America not from its enemies but from its closest allies, through espionage, intimidation, and espionage.

Trogs and all excerpts from it are © 2009-2010 Tim Marks and Martin Marks. Excerpts may contain strong language or violence.