Tim Marks

critical reviews

"One of the most pleasant surprises of the theatrical year."

"No, Tony, you're afraid! You have no idea what it's like to be desperate."


locating the plant | pearldivers | reel | refuge of scoundrels
the fever of warmth and darkness | eve's barette | the judas ballot | the cleric | the naz

the english crew | the tradition | trogs



  • Locating the Plant - A Belfast boy makes good and comes home to the city he fled.
  • Pearldivers - How hard do you fight for your home?
  • Reel (a musical) - One man struggles to protect his traditions in the New World.
  • Refuge of Scoundrels - As a father watches, his son becomes everything he hates.
  • The Fever of Warmth and Darkness - A user of women suddenly finds himself facing four women he doesn't know how to deal with.
  • Eve's Barette - An abused housewife gets a taste of freedom - and betrayal.
  • The Judas Ballot - In a bleak dystopia, six people are forced to play a hellish game.
  • The Cleric - An American priest captured in Afghanistan fights for justice.
  • The Naz - A successful businessman tries to reconstruct the horrors of his past at a Welsh boarding school.

Screenplays and Teleplays

  • The English Crew - A melange of crooked cops, New York toughs, and washed-up actors pull a Cockney-style "blagging".
  • The Tradition - Two small-town detectives discover that Gordon Amos, a 19th century writer, has left a violent and horrific legacy.
  • Trogs (with Martin Marks) - Six disgraced American agents are blackmailed into working together in the dark underbelly of American intelligence.