Tim Marks

critical reviews

"We were particularly impressed by the vivid world of the play and by [the] characterization and dialogue."

"It's a little dangerous for me to make friends, Tony. My husband frowns on them."


locating the plant | pearldivers | reel | refuge of scoundrels
the fever of warmth and darkness | eve's barette | the judas ballot | the cleric | the naz

the english crew | the tradition | trogs



  • Locating the Plant - A Belfast boy makes good and comes home to the city he fled.
  • Pearldivers - How hard do you fight for your home?
  • Reel (a musical) - One man struggles to protect his traditions in the New World.
  • Refuge of Scoundrels - As a father watches, his son becomes everything he hates.
  • The Fever of Warmth and Darkness - A user of women suddenly finds himself facing four women he doesn't know how to deal with.
  • Eve's Barette - An abused housewife gets a taste of freedom - and betrayal.
  • The Judas Ballot - In a bleak dystopia, six people are forced to play a hellish game.
  • The Cleric - An American priest captured in Afghanistan fights for justice.
  • The Naz - A successful businessman tries to reconstruct the horrors of his past at a Welsh boarding school.

Screenplays and Teleplays

  • The English Crew - A melange of crooked cops, New York toughs, and washed-up actors pull a Cockney-style "blagging".
  • The Tradition - Two small-town detectives discover that Gordon Amos, a 19th century writer, has left a violent and horrific legacy.
  • Trogs (with Martin Marks) - Six disgraced American agents are blackmailed into working together in the dark underbelly of American intelligence.