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"Despite his vices, every man's not out for just himself."

"I was never to initiate a conversation, I was never to talk about my religion, I was never to look up when they entered a room, I was to make neither demands or requests. I was to know that my future lay in the hands of Allah and I was to be grateful for that."


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Plot Summary:

Set in Baltimore, Reel is a musical, the third of the trilogy. The play centers around Morgan, a phenomenal Irish dancer, who, for all his talent, cannot enjoy it, because he has set himself up as the protector of Ireland's heritage. The show looks at the effects of his single-mindedness on him and those in his circle. If he could go home, would anyone want him?

Any Irish musicians interested in composing a score for this musical are encouraged to contact us.

Reel and all excerpts from it are © 1995 Tim Marks. Excerpts may contain strong language or violence.