Tim Marks

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"Raises questions about politics, morality, and whether humanity can persevere in the face of brutality and war."

"Playing soccer my arse! I was a goalpost. It was easier to have me stand there than to dirty a coat!"


Theatrical Productions:

Banner for "The Cleric", 59E59 Theaters

The Cleric

In October of 2006, The Cleric opened off-Broadway for the first time. The show, which was a joint production of Mind the Gap Theatre and Hand-Rubbed Productions, ran through November at 59e59 Theaters. Paula D'Alessandris returned to direct, having previously directed Locating the Plant six years earlier. Several actors who had previously appeared in Locating the Plant and Pearldivers also elected to work with Marks on this new project. The full cast featured:

  • Richard Lester as Father Sean Pearson
  • Armand DesHarnais as John Cervantes
  • Daniel Haughey as the Defence Secretary Liaison
  • Sean Heeney as Father Neil
  • James Kloiber as Robert Marsh

The production was the subject of several reviews; see the reviews page for examples.

Locating the Plant

Locating the Plant has been produced twice, both times in off-Broadway productions in New York. The most recent production was at the Irish Arts Center, 553 West 51st Street. The director was Paula D'Alessandris.

The most recent production featured:

  • Laura James Flynn as Cathy *
  • Mark Hankla as Bosworth *
  • Daniel Haughey as Terry
  • Sean Heeney as Barry
  • Richard Lester as Kieran
  • Trish McGettrick as Ma *
  • Declan Mooney as Callan *

(* Courtesy of Actor's Equity.)

The production was reviewed by the Irish Echo and Irish Voice.

The play was also produced in February 1996 at the American Theatre of Actors in New York. The production was a limited run of four shows, and sold out for three of those nights. Read reviews.


Pearldivers was produced off-Broadway in August-September 1999 at the American Theatre of Actors in New York by Hand Rubbed Productions. It featured Sean Heeney and Richard Lester as Ronny and Terry, respectively. The production was reviewed by the Irish Echo and Showbusiness.

The Fever of Warmth and Darkness

The Fever of Warmth and Darkness was produced in Baltimore in August-September 1998 at the Fells Point Corner Theatre. It was produced by Uncommon Voices.