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"Couldn't be more direct or less obscure... with virtually every speech and scene ringing painfully, bitterly true."

"I was never to initiate a conversation, I was never to talk about my religion, I was never to look up when they entered a room, I was to make neither demands or requests. I was to know that my future lay in the hands of Allah and I was to be grateful for that."


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The Pearldivers

Plot Summary:

Just how hard do you fight for Home? Part II of the Irish trilogy, Pearldivers looks at a fondly remembered homeland. Terry and Ronny, lifelong friends, share a squat in London during the Thatcher era with Ally, a sociopath, and The Prof, a homosexual who is less than thrilled with his sexuality. Into the squat comes Spiv, a sometime hustler. The play deals with the agendas people set up. Terry is a sometime socialist, Ally an aggressive user, Ronny the peacemaker and guardian to Spiv, and the Prof is simply a human being who doesn't care any more.


First Reading - Baltimore Playwrights Theatre, 1995
Second Reading - Baltimore Playwrights Theatre, 1996
Entered Baltimore Playwrights Festival 1996
  - Did not receive required readings prior to show selection.
Third Reading - Baltimore Playwrights Festival, 1996
Fourth Reading - Forum Theatre (Baltimore, MD)
  - Selected for production. Theatre lost its grant.

Produced off-Broadway, August 22 - September 5, 1999
American Theatre of Actors, E 54th St. New York, NY
A Hand-Rubbed Production


Critical Reviews

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