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"Despite his vices, every man's not out for just himself."

"I don't know how long it will be before I stop being Pete's widow and start being that loud mouthed hoor who's disloyal to the cause. When the time comes, will it be you who delivers the headshot, or will you be the one who orders the young 'uns to tar and feather me?"


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The Pearldivers

Plot Summary:

Just how hard do you fight for Home? Part II of the Irish trilogy, Pearldivers looks at a fondly remembered homeland. Terry and Ronny, lifelong friends, share a squat in London during the Thatcher era with Ally, a sociopath, and The Prof, a homosexual who is less than thrilled with his sexuality. Into the squat comes Spiv, a sometime hustler. The play deals with the agendas people set up. Terry is a sometime socialist, Ally an aggressive user, Ronny the peacemaker and guardian to Spiv, and the Prof is simply a human being who doesn't care any more.


First Reading - Baltimore Playwrights Theatre, 1995
Second Reading - Baltimore Playwrights Theatre, 1996
Entered Baltimore Playwrights Festival 1996
  - Did not receive required readings prior to show selection.
Third Reading - Baltimore Playwrights Festival, 1996
Fourth Reading - Forum Theatre (Baltimore, MD)
  - Selected for production. Theatre lost its grant.

Produced off-Broadway, August 22 - September 5, 1999
American Theatre of Actors, E 54th St. New York, NY
A Hand-Rubbed Production


Critical Reviews

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