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"One of the most pleasant surprises of the theatrical year."

"I don't know how long it will be before I stop being Pete's widow and start being that loud mouthed hoor who's disloyal to the cause. When the time comes, will it be you who delivers the headshot, or will you be the one who orders the young 'uns to tar and feather me?"


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The Naz

Plot Summary:

Nazareth House, an Irish children's home, is synonymous with cruelty, exploitation, and abuse. Now, years after his failed suicide attempt, one alumnus has become a wealthy manufacturer of computer hardware. He has tracked down some of his old classmates from Nazareth House to see if he can reconstruct the memories that made him jump off Tower Bridge in the first place. But can he convince the others to share their own stories of the horrors of the Naz? And does he really want to hear them?


The Naz and all excerpts from it are © 2003 Tim Marks. Excerpts may contain strong language or violence.