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"Despite his vices, every man's not out for just himself."

"I don't know how long it will be before I stop being Pete's widow and start being that loud mouthed hoor who's disloyal to the cause. When the time comes, will it be you who delivers the headshot, or will you be the one who orders the young 'uns to tar and feather me?"


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Locating the Plant

Locating the Plant

Plot Summary:

Locating the Plant is the first part of a trilogy dealing with Home remembered. The play, set in the recent past, centres around the relationship of two estranged brothers. The slick, Americanized Barry McCann, an Irish Catholic who grew up in Belfast, has returned to the town he earlier fled. Now he returns as the conquering hero, the spokesman for a consortium building an aerospace plant in Belfast. Naturally, because of who he is, the expectation among both the Catholics and Protestants of Belfast is that the factory will automatically be situated in a Republican area. But Barry does not have as much control over the location as the town thinks. His brother Kieran, a convicted member of the IRA, is forced by his brother's return to fight his conflicting loyalties - to his family and to the cause that has seen him imprisoned for fifteen years.

The brothers come together as wary, removed individuals. The differences between them are immense. Kieran is used to living in the midst of a war zone, and behaves accordingly. Barry has forgotten the rules of survival in Belfast and attempts to carry on business as though he were in a New York boardroom. Their only common bond is their love for their Ma. Its because of this love that Kieran's loyalty to the cause he strongly believes in is challenged. As Barry makes errors in judgment which endanger himself and his family, Kieran is left to mop up and play peacemaker. Barry's realization that it is not business as usual may come to late to save him from the town he fought so hard to escape. In a town where a look can cost a man his life, can Kieran prevent his brother "coming a cropper?" And, more to the point, does he want to?


Produced Off Broadway February 1996
American Theatre Of Actors. E 54th St. New York, NY
Limited run of four shows--sold out three nights.

Produced Off Broadway 2000
Irish Arts Center W 51st St. New York, NY


Critical Reviews

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