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"We were particularly impressed by the vivid world of the play and by [the] characterization and dialogue."

"I do it because my mother said I should. I believe you should obey your elders."


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The Judas Ballot

Plot Summary:

Under a brutal totalitarian regime, "entertainment" takes on a new and terrible meaning. In a time of war, six people are selected to take part in a life and death experiment. Their task is to choose one of their number as an enemy of the state.

The rules: Reveal enough about themselves through a story to convince the others they are not the "guilty" one. Never, under pain of death, reveal the true nature of their own crimes!

The stakes: The chosen one dies, the others live - no matter who the actual guilty parties were.

The incentive: The lives of their families also hang in the balance.

Over a period of 24 hours under the sadistic eye of "Major Seven" the group is forced to tell tales intended to reveal their religious, sexual, and political affiliation. All of the stories shed light on the participants, but is it the truth? Only the individual storyteller and Seven know for sure! With stakes so high, nerves and tempers are frayed, hope and kindness are casualties, small good and large evil co-exist, and the old cliché "the truth will set you free" is the last thing any of them wish to hear!

Information for the Producer:

Two act drama.
Unit Set.
Seven Characters.
Approximately 90 minutes.


The Judas Ballot and all excerpts from it are © 2002 Tim Marks. Excerpts may contain strong language or violence.