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"Vividly brutal... an intriguing enigma."

"I do it because my mother said I should. I believe you should obey your elders."


The Writings of Tim Marks

Tim Marks came onto the Baltimore dramatic scene in the early 1990s, and has steadily won recognition both regionally and in the New York theatre community. Marks's plays have been produced four times in New York, all to warm critical responses. He has recently been exploring the possibilities offered by film, applying the pitch-perfect sense of dialogue and acid-sharp timing that characterizes his plays to a series of new screenplays.

His most recent off-Broadway production, in Fall of 2006, was of The Cleric, a no-holds-barred look at the complex moral ambiguities of intimidation and torture in a post-9/11 world. The Cleric has also been adapted for the screen. Also among his more recognized works are Locating the Plant and Pearldivers, both dealing with the struggles faced by the Irish abroad, and inspired by Marks's own conflicted position as a Welsh-born Irishman. In Locating the Plant, the first play Marks ever wrote, draws on his own time spent in Belfast to paint a vivid picture of a city where religion is politics and politics is violence. Pearldivers, meanwhile, depicts a group of poor Irish squatters in Margaret Thatcher's London, trying to keep their heads down and remember who they are.

Although themes of his plays range from fascism to AIDS to domestic abuse, all share strong characters and rich dialogue flavored with the slang and inflection of the time and place in question, whether they are set in London, New York, Baltimore, or Kabul. His screenplays, be they caper comedies like The English Crew or black thrillers like The Tradition, share Marks's witty and realistic dialogue and eye for local color and infuse them with a powerful visual element.

His latest project, Shadow Puppets, is also his first collaborative effort with his son, Martin Marks. It is already getting an immensely positive reaction, and has been selected as one of only five new pilots for the final round of the Winter 2010 WILDsound Screenplay Festival. For more information and the latest news, see shadowpuppets.tv.

Stark yet beautiful, deceptively simple, the plays and screenplays of Tim Marks have entranced audiences wherever they have been presented. We invite you to discover what they have discovered.

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