Tim Marks

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"Couldn't be more direct or less obscure... with virtually every speech and scene ringing painfully, bitterly true."

"It's a little dangerous for me to make friends, Tony. My husband frowns on them."


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The Fever of Warmth and Darkness

Plot Summary:

Gough, an aging Lothario, has made his way through life leaving the people he encounters worse for the experience. Now as he reaches for and finds success as an actor, he learns he may have contracted HIV. He is suddenly forced to deal with four women who are stronger than he had ever expected: his daughter, who is completely unaffected by her Dad's games; Shani, an ambitious and amoral co-worker; Missy Perrier, the wife of a man he seeks to manipulate; and Chelle, an ex-lover. Gough, believing he faces death, deals for the first time with conscience, but is it too little too late, and is it strong enough to change a man who has been told that love is wasted on him?


First Reading - Fells Point Corner Theatre (Baltimore, MD), June 1996
Second Reading - Spotlighters Theatre (Baltimore, MD), October 1996
Third Reading - The Forum Theatre (Baltimore, MD), February 1996

Produced in Baltimore, August 19 - September 6, 1998
Fells Point Corner Theatre
An Uncommon Voices Production

The Fever of Warmth and Darkness and all excerpts from it are © 1996 Tim Marks. Excerpts may contain strong language or violence.