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"Vividly brutal... an intriguing enigma."

"Do you know what it's like being a prisoner to something? How could you? You just sit home all day watching soaps and planning meals in your brand new kitchen... by the way, it don't look good for that getting finished any time soon."


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Eve's Barette

Plot Summary:

Eve is a woman abused both physically and mentally by her husband Jimmy, an unseen but ever-present threat to her safety. She lives a quiet life, forced to stay at home, spending her days doing housework, reading magazines, and secretly watching the soap operas her husband hates. Life for all in the household is disrupted by Tony, a contractor hired to build her "Dream Kitchen." Tony's influence on Eve is subversive, and she starts taking small but dangerous chances. Tony has his own agenda, and, fueled by a gambling addiction, he continually challenges the odds as he spins out of control. Will he be Eve's savior, or the catalyst for her destruction?

Information for the Producer:

Two act drama.
Unit set.
Characters: 5 Major, 1 Minor.
Setting: Suburban.


Eve's Barette and all excerpts from it are © 2001 Tim Marks. Excerpts may contain strong language or violence.